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Safe Sex Quiz

Test what you know and what you've learned.

1. A sexually transmitted disease caused by a virus can be cured.
2. A woman can get pregnant the very first time she ever has genital sexual intercourse.
3. A condom is 100% effective if used correctly every time.
4. Birth control pills can cause acne, weight gain, and headaches.
5. Sexual abstinence is weird and unusual.
6. A common early pregnancy symptom is swollen, sore, or tender breasts.
7. No one is exactly sure when life begins.
8. The drug mifepristone (RU-486) taken orally causes a medical abortion.
9. A fetus does not have a heartbeat until just before birth.
10. Most women obtaining abortions feel fully informed about their choice.
11. Female hormones do not influence a woman's moods or emotions.
12. You will know right away when you have a sexually transmitted disease (STD).
13. You can get pregnant if you are on the birth control pill.
14. The Christian view of sex is that it is wrong.



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