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Relationship Counseling

Unplanned Pregnancy

Unplanned pregnancy can put tremendous stress on a relationship. Abortion is a serious decision, involving risks to a woman's body and psyche. Legally, a woman has the right to choose abortion or not to choose it. She has the right to consider her options without undue pressure from people close to her. In reality, she must live with her decision, both physically and emotionally. Before you make a choice, we invite you to meet as a couple with a counselor. Know your facts before you encourage a choice. An informed decision is the best decision for both people, and an informed decision can best be made without pressure.

Sexual Activity

Unplanned pregnancy, abortion, and sexually transmitted disease (STD) are big problems caused by sexual activity. Various forms of birth control and disease prevention methods are available to sexually active couples, each with varying degrees of success. However, there is only one method that is 100 percent effective in preventing unplanned pregnancy and the transfer of sexually transmitted diseases, which is sexual abstinence.

Secondary Virginity

Secondary Virginity is a return to abstinence following sexual debut. A commitment to secondary virginity is often made with the goal of remaining abstinent until marriage. More teens and young adults are making this decision to reduce their risk for sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy outside of marriage. It is an empowering decision, setting the secondary virgin on the path to better health, happiness and even greater life success.


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