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The choice you make regarding your pregnancy will have a lasting effect on your body, relationships, emotional well-being, and many other aspects of your future. A pregnancy center can offer you support, practical help, and counseling about your pregnancy choices. You need all the information and support you can get. Since pregnancy resource centers do not make a profit from your decision, you don't have to worry about being pressured into making choice before you are ready.

Most women dealing with an unplanned pregnancy feel frightened and anxious. At the HOPE Center, we understand what you are going through, and offer options to help you sort out your feelings and choices. The counselor will not second-guess you or make you feel bad about decisions you have made in the past. However, the counselor will try to help you learn from your experiences, and this may involve helping you reevaluate your past choices and relationships.

Most women are relieved to find someone who can answer their questions and lend support and practical help. In fact, 98% of women who have visited a pregnancy center like the HOPE Center have felt positive about the services they received.

What will the counselor say about abortion?

The counselor will explain fetal development using medical pictures or models. She will want to make sure you feel informed about the physical risks and emotional difficulties you may face if you choose abortion. She will discuss your reasons for your choice and ask how your choices fit in with your belief system. She will make sure you understand that no one can force you to have an abortion if you don't want one. If you decide to have an abortion or have had abortions in the past, she will give you information about post-abortion support groups or counseling.

What will the counselor say about adoption?

The counselor will explain how adoption works and discuss the different types of adoption plans. She may also show you some profiles of prospective adoptive parents. She will want to make sure you understand that your partner may have some say in the adoption process but that no one can take your baby by force. She will never pressure you to choose adoption if you are not interested. Pregnancy resource centers do not benefit financially from your choice to make an adoption plan for your baby.

What will the counselor say about single motherhood?

The counselor will explain some of the challenges of single parenting. If you are a student, she will help you find a way to finish high school or college as parent. She will make sure you understand how the pregnancy center can support you in your choice to give birth and educate you about your legal rights as a pregnant woman. She will inform you that your partner is legally responsible to provide child support. If you decide to carry your baby to term, she will make sure you know where to go for affordable medical care.


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