Hope Center for Unplannned Pregnancy

Hope Pregnancy Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is available to help women and their families affected by unplanned or crisis pregnancy. We provide options counseling and offer support for clients navigating this unexpected event. We offer helpful information about parenting, adoption, and though we will not refer for abortion, we offer education about abortion procedures and potential consequences. We offer free pregnancy tests for someone who thinks she may be pregnant. Post abortion counseling is also available to women who have regretted that choice.

Hope Center for Sexual Choices

We are available to speak with clients who are interested in talking about sexual purity and abstinence along with relationship education. When people are faced with a crisis, the first step is to offer hope, and then move on to the practical aspects of navigating through the myriad of community resources. Hope Pregnancy Center has professional counselors on staff and trained lay volunteers who provide loving guidance to anyone who is need of our help. All of our services are free and confidential.

HOPE Center, 716 N. Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA 19130, (267) 546-3600

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